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Please print this page for easy reference and pay special attention to "Buffer Days" and "Trip Insurance" sections to assure a relaxing vacation.

Katmai Coastal Bear Tours
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Our season begins June and continues to mid-September. Departure is from Kodiak and Homer and the scenic flight to the Katmai Coast is included in the price.

Price: $5900 $7750 1-907-235-8337
Length of stay: 4 night trips 6 night trips Call for full boat, different length  trip information
Prices are per person, maximum 8 guests.
Groups chartering the boat have more flexibility in scheduling

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When planning your trip to Alaska it is best to plan your time with Katmai Coastal Tours allowing buffer days. Balance your travel days and your quality experiences will increase. Alaska is huge and even with fast airplanes you canít see it all. The weather and mother nature set the pace, allow time for her.

One day needs to be allowed on the beginning and end of your scheduled stay on board the Waters. These two days create a buffer zone for changes in the weather and forces of nature.

Katmai Coastal Bear Tours cannot accept liability for costs incurred due to weather or other forces of nature. We are a small company, servicing relatively few clients each season, and the nature of our trip presents some variables over which we have no control.

We recommend an insurance policy which covers trip delays, trip cancellations, interruptions, and lodging expenses incurred due to forces of nature. Even though we have had only three trip cancellations in the past twenty two years due to weather (guests didn't schedule buffer days), the slight possibility exists of it happening again. When considering the remoteness of Katmai (Alaska in general), the large number of variables, Katmai Coastal Bear Tours' refund policy and the fact that Katmai Coastal Bear Tours chooses to err on the side of caution regarding the safety of our passengers it makes sense to purchase trip insurance. We at Katmai Coastal Bear Tours strongly recommend that you purchase this policy, so you can relax and enjoy your trip with whatever circumstances come your way. We suggest

Our season begins June and continues to Mid-September. Everyone asks, "When is the best time of the season to see the bears?" This is not a simple question, because it depends on so many things, such as: what behaviors are you looking for, are you a serious or professional photographer, are you interested in other species of wildlife and visiting different areas or are you only interested in bears. When you come is not as important as booking early. Early bookings have the best chance for getting the dates and trip lengths which are best for you.
Contrary to popular belief shoulder seasons are great times to spend with the bears in this coastal area. McNeil River Sanctuary's and Katmai's Brook Falls' international fame has spread the popular belief through the wildlife enthusiasts grapevine to the extent that most adventurers think July is the only time to get great bear experiences. Katmai Coastal Bear Tours has the local knowledge and eighteen years of proof in many forms that we are ready to show you that the shoulder seasons are as wonderful as July.

Booking Early has many advantages. First you can select your desired trip length and dates. Since Katmai Coastal Bear Tours offers private charters and special interest trips, later bookings have to accept schedules established or work around earlier bookings.

Early reservations are the best way to secure the dates that work best for you. To reserve your space, a 50% deposit (not refundable unless your reserved space can be rebooked) of trip price within 10 days of verbal confirmation of your desired dates. Final payment is required 90 days prior to trip departure date. Reservations made within 90 days of trip departure dates require full payment. Credit card payments are welcome. Cancellation fees are in effect. We suggest you purchase trip travel insurance. For anyone requiring a different payment plan ask about our Custom Pay Plan.

Katmai Coastal Bear Tours' deposit and refund policy is required due to the following reasons: The Katmai area is very remote, logistics are planned months in advance, the groups are small and low volume, and Alaska's travel season is short.

Katmai Coastal Bear Tours
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