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Brown bear watching and wildlife tours on the wild coast of Katmai National Park in Alaska.
Brown bear watching & wildlife tours on the coast of Katmai National Park, Alaska
Katmai Coastal Bear Tours
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The month of flowers, cubs and variety
The month of July marks the peak of summer on the Katmai Coast.  The biggest draw to July, aside from the pleasant weather, is variety.  As the long, warm days bath the coastal wilderness in sunlight, one has the chance to view many of the behaviors for which Katmai bears are famous, all in the same trip. 

July is a month of transition which offers a wonderful mixed bag of bear behaviors.  As in June, bears are still found grazing in the coastal sedge meadows, and pursuing razor, butter and steamer clams at low tides.  Some sows come into estrus in early and even mid July, giving viewers possible opportunities to witness complex and fascinating mating season interactions.  While the timing of early runs of salmon is very unpredictable from one year to the next, schools usually begin congregating at the mouths of some rivers during high tide cycles during the later half of July, adding excitement to a fantastic period. 

As mating season winds down, and many of the nomadic large males disperse into the surrounding wilderness, females with tiny six month old cubs appear like magic in the rich habitat zones that we frequent.  Typical excursions in July often consist of spending intimate moments watching bear families play, nurse and graze between bouts of grazing, clamming or fishing.  

With a background consisting of the glacier studded Aleutian Mountain Range to the west and the blue waters of the Shelikoff straight to the east, and a foreground comprised of over a dozen species of brilliant wildflowers, the magnificent scenery of the Katmai coast alone makes a visit here more than worthwhile.  Wildflower blooms peak through the month of July, including the white angelica, which draw bears to graze on the sweet stalks and flowers.  Viewing a bear grazing through one of these fields, wading shoulder deep through a sea of brilliant greens, highlighted with reds, whites, yellows, blues and purples is often the highlight on a July bear viewing trip. 

Every week on the Katmai coast is special in its own way, and one must decide which specific behaviors they most want to witness.   For a little of everything, during the peak of  the legendary flower bloom, and the best weather window, July is a smart choice.

Brad Josephs
Naturalist Guide, Katmai Coastal Bear Tours 

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Katmai Coastal Bear Tours
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